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  1. Why Bisleri Water Bottles are the Perfect Hydration Solution for Everyday Use
    1. Quality You Can Trust 
    2. Convenience at Your Fingertips 
    3. Affordability That Doesn’t Skimp on Quality 
    4. Environmentally Conscious 
  2. Discover the Benefits of Choosing Bisleri Water Bottles Over Other Brands
    1. Your Health is Our Priority 
    2. A Commitment to Sustainability 
    3. Value for Money 
  3. Where to Find the Best Deals on Bisleri Water Bottles Near You
    1. Physical Stores 
    2. Online Marketplaces 
    3. Price Comparison Websites 
  4. Stay Hydrated on the Go with Bisleri Water Bottles
    1. Bisleri Water Bottle Price List 
    2. Grab The Best Deals 
  5. Join the Eco-Friendly Movement with Bisleri Water Bottles
    1. Why Choose Bisleri? 
    2. Stay Hydrated, Stay Green 
  6. Unbeatable Prices on Bisleri Water Bottles for Your Home and Office
    1. Home Packs & Single Bottles 
    2. Bulk Packs for the Office 
    3. Can’t Miss Deals 
  7. Find Your Perfect Match: Bisleri Water Bottle Sizes and Styles
    1. Bisleri Mini 
    2. Bisleri Regular 
    3. Bisleri Large 
    4. Bisleri Jumbo 
  8. Make a Sustainable Choice with Bisleri Water Bottles
    1. Ready to Make a Sustainable Choice? 
  9. How Bisleri Water Bottles Can Save You Money in the Long Run
  10. Say Goodbye to Single-Use Plastic Bottles with Bisleri
    1. Bisleri Bottle Price List 
  11. Bisleri Water Bottles: The Convenient and Safe Option for Your Family
    1. With Bisleri, Your Choices are Plenty 
    2. Competitive Pricing: Quality Without Breaking the Bank 
  12. Stay Refreshed and Healthy with Bisleri Water Bottles
    1. Benefits of Drinking Bisleri Water 
    2. Bisleri Water Bottle Price List 
  13. How to Properly Clean and Maintain Your Bisleri Water Bottles
    1. Cleaning Your Bisleri Bottle: A Step-By-Step Guide 
    2. Maintaining Your Bisleri Bottle: A Few Handy Tips 
  14. Discover the Latest Trends and Designs in Bisleri Water Bottles
    1. A Plunge into the Bisleri Water Bottle Collection 
    2. Why Choose Bisleri? 
  15. Customize Your Hydration Experience with Bisleri Water Bottles
    1. Choose Your Preferred Size 
    2. Opt For Convenient Packs 
    3. Check Out Special Editions 
  16. Get the Best Value for Your Money with Bisleri Water Bottle Price List
    1. Understanding Bisleri Water Bottle Pricing 
    2. Single Bottle Prices 
    3. Bulk Purchase Prices 
  17. Find the Right Size and Price Range for Your Budget with Bisleri Water Bottles
    1. For the Budget Conscious 
    2. For the Thirst Quenchers 
    3. For the In-Betweeners 

Are you a hydration enthusiast who believes in only the best for your H2O needs? Do you find yourself thirsting for a reliable and high-quality water brand? Then, my friend, you are in the right place! Here at Bisleri, we strive to quench your thirst with our range of bottled water. And the best part? We offer some of the most competitive prices in the market. 

We get it, the water bottle market is vast and varied, making it a tricky terrain to navigate. With so many options, how do you choose? Simple. You choose Bisleri. Why? Because we pride ourselves on our commitment to purity and quality. But don’t just take our word for it. Check out this comprehensive Bisleri water bottle price list to find the best deals for your hydration needs. 

Whether you’re stocking up for a road trip or just ensuring you have a constant supply at home, our Bisleri price list will guide you in making the best purchase decisions. So, ready to dive into the world of Bisleri’s thirst-quenching deals? Let’s get started!

Why Bisleri Water Bottles are the Perfect Hydration Solution for Everyday Use

Ever wondered why Bisleri Water Bottles have become the nation’s go-to hydration solution? Their popularity isn’t just about quenching thirst, but a blend of quality, convenience, and affordability that’s hard to beat. Let’s dive in to see why these bottles are perfect for your everyday use. 

Quality You Can Trust 

When it comes to water, trust is paramount, and Bisleri has earned it in spades. Bisleri water is processed using advanced technologies, ensuring it’s free from impurities and safe for daily consumption. But it’s not just about safety, Bisleri also maintains a balanced mineral composition to keep your body functioning at its peak. 

Convenience at Your Fingertips 

Ever been parched on the go? Bisleri understands the importance of convenience. Their water bottles come in various sizes, from a handy 250ml for the pocket, to a 20-liter jar for home or office use. Compact, sturdy and easy to carry around, Bisleri Water Bottles are your reliable companions for on-the-move hydration. 

Affordability That Doesn’t Skimp on Quality 

Think that such high-quality water would come with a hefty price tag? Think again! Bisleri bottles are priced affordably, making the gift of good health accessible to all. And the cherry on top? Bisleri offers exciting deals and discounts frequently, adding to the joy of staying hydrated. 

Remember, hydration is not a luxury, it’s a necessity. So why settle for anything less than the best? Give Bisleri a try and feel the difference!

Environmentally Conscious 

Being environmentally friendly is a hallmark of Bisleri. Their bottles are 100% recyclable, and they actively promote bottle return schemes. Not only are you ensuring your hydration with Bisleri, but you’re also contributing to a healthier planet. Now that’s a win-win situation! 

All these factors make Bisleri Water Bottles the perfect hydration solution for everyday use. Reliable, economical, and conscientious – what more could you ask for?

Discover the Benefits of Choosing Bisleri Water Bottles Over Other Brands

So, why should you choose Bisleri water bottles over other brands? Let’s dive right in! 

Your Health is Our Priority 

First and foremost, Bisleri prioritizes your health above all. Their water goes through a carefully monitored purification process to ensure that every sip you take is clean and safe. Ever pondered why Bisleri water has a unique, refreshing taste? It’s due to the added minerals that also benefit your health. How’s that for a health-boosting beverage? 

A Commitment to Sustainability 

Have you ever thought about the environmental impact of your bottled water choice? With Bisleri, you’re not only quenching your thirst but also contributing to a more sustainable environment. Their bottles are 100% recyclable, and they’re constantly innovating to reduce their carbon footprint. Now, isn’t that a deal to toast to? 

Value for Money 

We understand that pricing plays a significant role when it comes to choosing a bottled water brand. So, how does Bisleri fare in this regard? Oh, quite magnificently, we must say! Bisleri offers a wide range of sizes and prices, ensuring that there’s a perfect option for every budget. Now isn’t that a relief? 

  • 300 ml bottle: $0.20
  • 500 ml bottle: $0.30
  • 1 liter bottle: $0.50
  • 2 liter bottle: $0.90
  • 5 liter bottle: $2.20

So, whether you’re hydrating after an intense workout or hosting a party, there’s a Bisleri water bottle that fits your needs and budget. 

Choosing Bisleri means choosing quality, sustainability, and value. So, are you ready to make the switch?

In the end, the choice is yours. But with Bisleri, you’re not just choosing a water bottle. You’re choosing a lifestyle—a healthier, more conscious, and value-adding one. 

Where to Find the Best Deals on Bisleri Water Bottles Near You

Looking for the best deals on Bisleri water bottles near you? You’re in the right spot! Here, we’ll guide you through some of the most reliable places to score fantastic deals on Bisleri water bottles. Whether you’re planning a big event or just need to stock up your home or office, we’ve got you covered. 

Physical Stores 

When it comes to buying water, many people still prefer the traditional walk-in stores. If you’re one of them, these stores are likely your best bet: 

  • Supermarkets: Your local supermarket is a good place to start. They often run sales and offer bulk discounts.
  • Wholesale Stores: Think Costco or Sam’s Club. These stores usually have Bisleri water bottles in bulk, often at lower prices.
  • Convenience Stores: While not always the cheapest, they do provide convenience. If you’re in a hurry and need a bottle right away, this could be your best option.

Online Marketplaces 

If you’re more into online shopping, don’t worry. There are plenty of online marketplaces that sell Bisleri water bottles. Here are some to consider: 

  • Amazon: As the largest online marketplace, Amazon offers a wide variety of Bisleri water bottle packs, often at competitive prices. Plus, if you’re a Prime member, you can enjoy fast and free shipping.
  • eBay: Known for its auctions, eBay can be a great place to find deals. Just keep an eye on the shipping costs to make sure you’re getting a good deal.
  • Bisleri’s Official Online Store: Yes, you can buy directly from Bisleri! They often run promotions and offer discounts, especially for regular customers.

Remember, when shopping online, always check for seller reviews and ratings to ensure you’re buying from a reputable source.

Price Comparison Websites 

Want to make sure you’re getting the absolute best deal? Try using price comparison websites. These sites, such as Google Shopping, PriceGrabber, or Shopzilla, allow you to compare prices from various sellers all in one place. It’s a fast and effective way to ensure you’re getting your Bisleri water bottles at the best price possible. 

Now that you’re equipped with this info, it’s time to hydrate and save! Remember, staying hydrated is key to staying healthy. So, why not do it with Bisleri, a brand synonymous with purity and trust.

Stay Hydrated on the Go with Bisleri Water Bottles

Life’s a journey, right? And every journey needs a trusty companion. Meet Bisleri, your ever-reliable buddy in the quest for hydration. Whether you’re hitting the gym, running errands, or just trying to survive a sweltering summer day, a Bisleri water bottle has got your back. Not just any water, mind you, but pure, safe, and utterly refreshing H2O. 

But as you’re here, you’re probably wondering, “How much does a Bisleri water bottle cost?” Good news! We’ve got the rundown on the best deals for Bisleri water bottles. Ready to quench your thirst? Dive in! 

Bisleri Water Bottle Price List 

Here’s the thing. Bisleri has a range of options to cater to your hydration needs. From a compact 250ml bottle for a quick sip to a hefty 20-liter jar for your home or office, Bisleri has got the lot. 

1 liter$0.60
2 liter$1.00
5 liter$2.50
20 liter$10.00

Prices may vary slightly based on your location, but we assure you, every sip of Bisleri water is worth every penny. 

Grab The Best Deals 

Want to know the secret to getting the best deals on Bisleri water bottles? It’s all about buying in bulk. If you’re a regular water guzzler or if you’re looking to stock up for an event, buying Bisleri water in larger quantities can help you save some serious cash. 

Pro tip: Keep an eye out for discount codes and promotional offers online to snag even more savings!

So, ready to beat the heat and stay hydrated with Bisleri? Grab your Bisleri water bottle today and embark on your journey to better hydration and health.

Join the Eco-Friendly Movement with Bisleri Water Bottles

Ever thought about becoming a part of the movement that’s making a significant difference in the world? Bisleri water bottles make it possible for you to join the eco-friendly revolution, and guess what? It’s as simple as sipping on some water! 

Let’s face it; we all need to drink water, right? So why not make it an eco-friendly endeavor? Bisleri water bottles are not just about quenching your thirst; they are a statement, a commitment to Mother Earth. It’s time to take a sip towards sustainability. 

Why Choose Bisleri? 

Bisleri, a household name in India, has been quenching India’s thirst since 1965. But it’s not just the unique taste and unmatchable purity that sets Bisleri apart. It’s their commitment to the environment that truly shines through. Here’s why you should choose Bisleri: 

  1. BPA-Free Bottles: Bisleri bottles are BPA-free, implying they are safe not just for you but for the environment too. They don’t release harmful chemicals when decomposing, making them an eco-friendly option.
  2. Recycling Initiatives: Bisleri has initiated recycling programs across India to ensure their bottles don’t end up polluting the environment. A bottle bought is a bottle recycled!
  3. Efficient Water Usage: Bisleri uses efficient water management practices in their facilities, ensuring minimum wastage and optimal usage. Every drop counts, doesn’t it?

Stay Hydrated, Stay Green 

Choosing Bisleri is a step towards a greener future. It’s about making a choice that benefits you, the environment, and future generations. Plus, with Bisleri, you’re staying hydrated with pure, safe water. It’s a win-win! 

“Every bottle of water is a step towards a greener future.” – Anonymous

So, are you ready to make a difference with your choice of water? Remember, every drop in the ocean counts, and your choice of Bisleri water bottles can make a significant difference. It’s more than just water; it’s a choice for a sustainable future.

Unbeatable Prices on Bisleri Water Bottles for Your Home and Office

, water lover! Isn’t it just splendid to have a chilled bottle of pure, safe water from a trusted brand like Bisleri by your side? Whether you’re at home catching up on your favorite series, or sweating it out in the office to meet those deadlines, a Bisleri water bottle is a perfect companion. Let’s dive in and check out some of the incredible deals on Bisleri water bottles that we’ve got for you, shall we?

Home Packs & Single Bottles 

If you’re looking for smaller packs or single bottles, Bisleri has got you covered. These are perfect for small families, single individuals or even for those unexpected guests who drop by. 

ProductPrice (in USD)
Bisleri 500 ml$0.50
Bisleri 1 L$0.75
Bisleri 2 L$1.25

Bulk Packs for the Office 

Office spaces require larger packs and Bisleri doesn’t disappoint. It offers great deals on bulk packs that are perfect for those board meetings, team huddles, or even a simple day at the office. 

ProductPrice (in USD)
Bisleri 5 L$3.00
Bisleri 20 L$10.00

Can’t Miss Deals 

Now, who doesn’t love a good bargain? Let’s check out some deals that you simply can’t miss! 

  • Bisleri 500 ml (pack of 24): $11.00
  • Bisleri 1 L (pack of 12): $8.50
  • Bisleri 2 L (pack of 6): $7.00

With these unbeatable prices on Bisleri water bottles, you can rest easy knowing that you’re not only getting premium quality water but also great value for your money. So, why wait? Stock up on your supply of Bisleri water bottles today!

Find Your Perfect Match: Bisleri Water Bottle Sizes and Styles

Heading out for a jog or need to stay hydrated during a long meeting? Maybe you’re packing for a weekend getaway? Regardless of the scenario, Bisleri has got you covered! Let’s dive into the exciting world of Bisleri water bottle sizes and styles, and find your perfect hydration companion. 

Bisleri Mini 

For those on the go, the Bisleri Mini is your perfect match. With its compact 250ml size, it fits just about anywhere, from your purse to your car’s cup holder. It’s the ideal choice for casual outings and short trips. 

Bisleri Regular 

Next up, we have the Bisleri Regular. This variant comes in two sizes – 500ml and 1L – making it a versatile choice for day-to-day hydration needs. Whether you’re at the office or working out, the Bisleri Regular ensures you stay hydrated without any fuss. 

Bisleri Large 

Are you always the designated driver for long road trips? Or perhaps you’re planning a day at the beach? Meet the Bisleri Large. Available in 2L and 5L options, this hefty stalwart ensures that your thirst is well taken care of, no matter how long the journey or how hot the day. 

Note: While the 5L option is perfect for group outings, it can be a tad unwieldy for individual use. So, choose wisely!

Bisleri Jumbo 

If you’re looking for a hydration solution for your home or office, look no further than the Bisleri Jumbo. With a whopping 20L capacity, it’s perfect for ensuring everyone stays well-hydrated throughout the day. Plus, it’s an eco-friendly option as it reduces the number of smaller bottles needed! 

So, there you have it – a range of Bisleri water bottles to suit every need and occasion. Now it’s time for you to choose your hydration companion. Remember, no matter the size or style, each Bisleri bottle promises the same level of purity and quality. 

Drink up and stay hydrated, folks!

Make a Sustainable Choice with Bisleri Water Bottles

Water is life, and in today’s world, we often find ourselves reaching for a bottle of water to quench our thirst on the go. But have you ever thought about the type of bottle you’re reaching for? Have you considered the impact of your choice on not just your health, but the health of our planet? Well, it’s high time you did. By choosing Bisleri water bottles, you’re making a sustainable choice that benefits both you and our environment. 

Here’s why: 

  • Reusable and Recyclable: Bisleri water bottles are designed to be and reused recycled, unlike many single-use plastic bottles that end up in landfills or oceans. You can refill a Bisleri bottle multiple times before recycling it, reducing your carbon footprint.
  • Eco-Friendly Manufacturing: Bisleri is committed to minimizing its environmental impact. The company uses eco-friendly manufacturing processes and invests in technologies that reduce water and energy consumption.
  • Safe and Healthy: Bisleri bottles are made from high-quality, food-grade plastic that is safe for your health. They are free from harmful chemicals like Bisphenol A (BPA), which can leach into your water from low-quality plastic bottles.

Remember, every time you choose to refill a Bisleri bottle instead of buying a new one, you’re doing your part to reduce plastic waste and protect our planet.

But that’s not all. Bisleri water itself is of exceptional quality. The water undergoes a rigorous purification process that removes impurities while retaining essential minerals. So, you’re not just getting hydration, but also nourishment every time you take a sip from a Bisleri bottle. 

Ready to Make a Sustainable Choice? 

Switch to Bisleri water bottles today. They are available in various sizes to suit your hydration needs. Whether you need a small bottle for a quick workout or a large one for a long road trip, Bisleri has got you covered. 

Remember, every bottle counts. Every time you choose Bisleri, you’re choosing to be a part of the solution, not the problem. So, let’s make a difference, one sip at a time!

How Bisleri Water Bottles Can Save You Money in the Long Run

It’s time to have a heart-to-heart, my friend. Have you ever stopped to consider just how much you’re spending on bottled water each month? It’s not just the cost of the water itself, but also the impact it’s having on your wallet and the environment. Bisleri Water Bottles, known for their quality and purity, can actually save you money in the long run. Here’s how: 

  1. Quality Assurance: When you invest in a Bisleri water bottle, you’re not just buying water; you’re buying quality assurance. Each bottle is purified using a rigorous 10-step process, ensuring it’s free from harmful substances and safe to drink. This means fewer doctor visits and medical bills for waterborne diseases.
  2. Cost-Effective: Buying bottled water might seem cheaper in the short run, but it adds up over time. Once you start buying Bisleri water bottles regularly, the costs decrease drastically. You’ll be saving more than just pennies!
  3. Recyclability: Bisleri water bottles are 100% recyclable, which means fewer bottles ending up in the trash. This can save you money on waste disposal and also helps protect the environment.

Remember, when it comes to water, quality matters. With Bisleri, you’re investing in good health, saving money, and contributing to a greener world. Now, isn’t that a win-win?

Now, let’s take a look at the different sizes and prices of Bisleri water bottles available. You might be surprised at just how affordable they are! 


So, the next time you’re about to grab that random water bottle from the convenience store, pause and remember the long-term benefits of choosing Bisleri. Your wallet, your health, and the earth will thank you!

Say Goodbye to Single-Use Plastic Bottles with Bisleri

Have you ever wondered how much single-use plastic you consume in a day, a week, a month? It’s staggering when you think about it, and it’s an issue we can no longer ignore. But here’s some refreshing news: Bisleri, India’s leading brand in packaged drinking water, is championing the cause of minimizing single-use plastic with its wide range of reusable water bottles. 

With Bisleri, you’re not just investing in top-notch, purified water. You’re also getting a durable, stylish water bottle that you’ll be proud to tote around. Now that’s what we call a win-win! 

Let’s take a closer look at what makes Bisleri stand out in the market full of water brands: 

  1. Quality Assurance: Bisleri’s commitment to providing pure, safe, and healthy drinking water is unparalleled. From source to bottle, every step of the process is rigorously monitored.
  2. Eco-friendly Approach: By prioritizing reusable bottles, Bisleri is helping reduce the volume of single-use plastic waste that ends up in our oceans and landfills.
  3. Variety of Sizes: Whether you need a small bottle for a quick stroll or a large one for a day-long excursion, Bisleri has you covered with a diverse range of sizes to suit every need.

Cheers to staying hydrated while doing our part for the environment!

Bisleri Bottle Price List 

Now, you may be thinking, “All this sounds great, but what’s it going to cost me?” Well, dear reader, you’re in for a pleasant surprise. 

Here’s a quick rundown of the Bisleri water bottle price list for their most popular sizes: 


As you can see, Bisleri offers high-quality, eco-friendly water at a price that won’t make your wallet cry. Isn’t that just the refreshing deal we’ve been waiting for?

Bisleri Water Bottles: The Convenient and Safe Option for Your Family

Say hello to the ultimate convenience in hydration – Bisleri Water Bottles! These marvels of modern packaging technology are not just easy on the eye, but they are also a safe and healthy option for your family. So, what makes Bisleri a standout choice? Let’s dive into the details. 

Quality Assurance: Bisleri water undergoes a rigorous 10-step quality process, ensuring that every droplet is as pure as it can be. What’s more, the Bisleri commitment to quality doesn’t stop there. Each bottle is thoroughly sterilized before filling, so you can be confident that your drink is hygienic and free from harmful bacteria. 

With Bisleri, Your Choices are Plenty 

One size doesn’t fit all, and Bisleri knows this. That’s why they offer a wide range of bottle sizes to suit your unique needs. Here’s a quick rundown: 

  1. 250ml: Perfect for a quick sip on the go. This one’s for those who prefer light baggage.
  2. 500ml: The golden mean. Neither too small nor too large, it’s just right for daily use.
  3. 1 liter: Hydrate without frequent refills. Ideal for long meetings, gym sessions, or a day at the beach.
  4. 2 liters: A hydration powerhouse. Perfect for family outings or when you’re hosting guests.

Competitive Pricing: Quality Without Breaking the Bank 

Rest assured, Bisleri values both quality and affordability. They strive to provide top-quality water at a price that’s accessible to everyone. To help you navigate your choices, let’s take a peek at the price range for Bisleri water bottles: 

SizeAverage Price
1 liter$0.7-$1
2 liters$1.2-$1.6

Note: The prices may vary slightly based on your location and the retailer.

In conclusion, it’s clear that Bisleri water bottles are a smart choice for anyone looking to keep their family hydrated. They’re convenient, safe, and provide excellent value for money. So, next time you’re out shopping for bottled water, don’t forget to check out the best deals on Bisleri!

Stay Refreshed and Healthy with Bisleri Water Bottles

Time for a quick question – are you feeling a tad parched? A bit thirsty? Then grab yourself a Bisleri water bottle! Not only will it quench your thirst, but it’ll also give your health a boost. Your go-to companion for staying hydrated on-the-go, Bisleri water bottles are a must-have in every household. 

But why Bisleri, you ask? Well, Bisleri International Pvt. Ltd is an Indian brand that has been serving pure, safe, and healthy mineral water for over five decades. Boasting an unmatched standard of purity, Bisleri water bottles undergo a rigorous 10-step quality process. Plus, they’re sealed right at the source. So, you’re not just buying water; you’re investing in your health. 

Benefits of Drinking Bisleri Water 

  • Hydration: It’s a no-brainer, right? Staying hydrated is essential, and what better way than with a Bisleri water bottle?
  • Quality: The 10-step quality process ensures you’re consuming nothing but the purest water.
  • Convenience: Available in multiple sizes, Bisleri water bottles are perfect for every occasion, whether you’re at home, in the office, or on a hiking trip.

Now that you’re convinced about the benefits, you must be wondering about the cost. Fear not, my friend! Bisleri water bottle prices are as refreshing as the water itself. 

Bisleri Water Bottle Price List 


The aforementioned prices are just a ballpark and may vary depending on the retailer and location. However, they do a fine job of illustrating the economical aspect of Bisleri’s offerings. 

Remember, with Bisleri, you’re not just buying water; you’re buying health and convenience, at a price that won’t break the bank.

So, whether you’re a fitness enthusiast, a health-conscious individual, or simply someone who understands the importance of hydration, Bisleri should be your go-to choice. Convinced yet? Go grab your Bisleri water bottle today and make a smart choice for your health!

How to Properly Clean and Maintain Your Bisleri Water Bottles

Hey there, hydration hero! You’ve made a smart decision by choosing the trusty Bisleri water bottle. But, do you know how to properly clean and maintain it? Let’s give your bottle the TLC it deserves to ensure it serves you well for a long, long time. 

Cleaning Your Bisleri Bottle: A Step-By-Step Guide 

Let’s dive right into this refreshing routine: 

  1. Empty the bottle: First things first, make sure your bottle is completely empty. Sorry, no sips left behind!
  2. Rinse with warm water: Fill about one-third of the bottle with warm water. Shake it up! Let it do a little dance and then drain.
  3. Use a mild soap: A mild soap is ideal for getting rid of any hard-to-beat bacteria. You can also add a few drops of vinegar for that extra zest!
  4. Scrub-a-dub-dub: Use a long-handled brush to scrub the interior. Remember, it’s all about those nooks and crannies!
  5. Rinse again: Rinse the bottle thoroughly with warm water. Repeat until the water runs clear and the soap suds have said their goodbyes.
  6. Let it dry: Air-dry the bottle upside down to prevent water from pooling at the bottom.

Maintaining Your Bisleri Bottle: A Few Handy Tips 

Hey there! So you’ve got your hands on a Bisleri water bottle, huh? Good for you! Now, let’s make sure you maintain it properly to ensure its longevity and the quality of the water it holds. Here are a few handy tips to help you out. 

  1. Keep it Clean: Sure, it’s just water going into it, but that doesn’t mean your Bisleri bottle doesn’t need a good clean now and then. Use a mild detergent and warm water to clean the inside and out. Rinse well and let it air dry completely before the next use.
  2. Store It Right: Don’t just toss it anywhere; your Bisleri bottle needs a cool, dry place. Exposure to excessive heat can degrade the quality of the plastic, which can ultimately affect the purity of the water.
  3. Handle With Care: While Bisleri bottles are made to be durable, they’re not indestructible. Avoid dropping them or placing heavy objects on top. Handle your bottle with care to ensure it lasts.

Remember, the longer your Bisleri bottle lasts, the more you save. Plus, you’re doing your bit for the environment by reducing plastic waste. Win-win!

So, there you have it! Some simple, yet effective ways to maintain your Bisleri water bottle. Follow these tips, and you’ll not only quench your thirst but also keep your bottle in top-notch condition for a long time.

Who says staying hydrated has to be humdrum? With the latest Bisleri water bottle designs, you’ll not only be quenching your thirst but doing it in style. They’ve got an array of designs that will cater to your every mood and need, and we’re here to walk you through them. 

A Plunge into the Bisleri Water Bottle Collection 

1. Bisleri Rockstar: Ever felt like a rockstar, especially after an intense workout? Well, the Bisleri Rockstar bottle design is here to complement that vibe. It’s bold, it’s sleek, it’s your hydration partner with a flair. 

2. Bisleri Pop: For those who love a pop of color in their everyday items, the Bisleri Pop design is the perfect match. It’s vibrant, it’s fun, and it’s the party your hydration routine needs. 

3. Bisleri Classic: If you’re one for timeless and elegant designs, the Bisleri Classic design can never go wrong. It’s simple, it’s sophisticated, and it’s the symbol of pure hydration. 

Why Choose Bisleri? 

Hydration is important, but with Bisleri, it becomes a delightful affair. With an array of designs, Bisleri offers a bottle for every personality, every mood. Want to feel like a rockstar? There’s a bottle for that. Want to add a pop of color to your life? Bisleri’s got you covered. Or are you one for the classics? Bisleri’s classic design is always there to keep you hydrated.

Beyond the aesthetics, Bisleri promises top-notch quality. These bottles are not just beautifully designed, but also durable, easy to handle, and safe for your health. Plus, they’re environmentally friendly. So while you’re staying hydrated, you’re also playing your part in keeping the planet green. 

So why wait? Dive into the diverse Bisleri water bottle collection and make hydration an exciting part of your day!

Customize Your Hydration Experience with Bisleri Water Bottles

Isn’t it a delight to pop open a fresh, crisp Bisleri water bottle? Ah, the sweet relief of pure hydration! But hold on, did you know that Bisleri offers a wide range of water bottles to suit your individual needs and preferences? Yes, you read that right! Now you can customize your hydration experience with Bisleri water bottles. 

Whether you’re a fitness enthusiast requiring a constant supply of H2O, a busy professional always on the go, or a homemaker keen on ensuring your family’s health, Bisleri has got you covered. Let’s dive in and explore the spectrum of choices in store for you. 

Choose Your Preferred Size 

Bisleri water bottles come in a variety of sizes, perfect for all your hydration needs. You can choose from: 

  • 250ml bottles: Ideal for quick refreshment, suitable for kids’ school bags or a short drive.
  • 500ml bottles: A perfect companion for your medium-length journeys or gym sessions.
  • 1 liter bottles: Use it for your intense workout sessions or long road trips.
  • 2 liter bottles: Excellent for home use, ensuring you and your family stay hydrated all day.

Opt For Convenient Packs 

Don’t you just love it when things come in convenient packs? Bisleri offers: 

  • 12 pack of 1 liter bottles: Perfect for a small family’s weekly water need.
  • 24 pack of 500ml bottles: Ideal for an office or small event.
  • 30 pack of 250ml bottles: Excellent for parties or large events.

Pro Tip: Always keep a spare pack at home. You never know when you’ll need it!

Check Out Special Editions 

Ever thought a humble water bottle could be a style statement? With Bisleri’s special editions, it surely can be! Look out for: 

  • Rockstar: A cool 300ml bottle with a distinctively lively design.
  • Pop: A fun 250ml bottle in vibrant colors, perfect for kids or the kid in you!
  • Vedica: A stylish 1 liter bottle of natural spring water for the connoisseurs of taste.

And the best part? All these options come at affordable prices, making it easier for you to stay hydrated without making a dent in your wallet. So, ready to customize your hydration experience?

Get the Best Value for Your Money with Bisleri Water Bottle Price List

Who doesn’t want the best bang for their buck? Especially when it comes to something as essential as water! Bisleri is a renowned brand, promising purity and safety with every drop. This section will help you navigate through the various options available, ensuring you secure the best deal on Bisleri water bottles. Let’s dive in! 

Understanding Bisleri Water Bottle Pricing 

Before we dive into the price list, it’s essential to understand that the cost of Bisleri water bottles varies. Factors that contribute to this variation include bottle size, bulk purchases, and location. But don’t worry, we’ll guide you through! 

Single Bottle Prices 

Bottle SizeAverage Price (in USD)
250 ml$0.20
500 ml$0.30
1 liter$0.50

These prices serve as baseline. Keep in mind, buying in bulk or during special promotions could score you a discount! 

Bulk Purchase Prices 

If you’re looking to stock up, bulk purchases can be an economical choice. Here’s a general idea of what you might expect to pay: 

Note: Bulk pricing can vary based on the retailer and location.

# of BottlesAverage Price per Bottle (in USD)
12 x 1 liter$0.45
24 x 500 ml$0.25
48 x 250 ml$0.18

Remember, prices can fluctuate, so it’s always a good idea to check with your local retailers or online platforms for the most accurate and current prices. 

So, there you have it, folks! The Bisleri water bottle price list to help you get the maximum value for your money. Stay hydrated without breaking the bank!

Find the Right Size and Price Range for Your Budget with Bisleri Water Bottles

Stepping out? Or planning for a long journey? Maybe you’re just chilling at home and need a cool sip of water. Whatever the case, it’s always a good idea to have a Bisleri water bottle in hand. But, wait! What size should you pick? And how much will it cost? 

Well, put your worries aside, because we’ve got you covered. We’ve done the hard work and compiled a comprehensive list of Bisleri water bottles available in different sizes and price ranges. So whether you’re budget-conscious or looking for the largest bottle, Bisleri has something for everyone. Let’s dive into the list! 

For the Budget Conscious 

If the price is your top concern, you shouldn’t worry. Bisleri offers a range of sizes that won’t put a hole in your pocket. Here’s a quick look at the most affordable options: 

250 ml$0.20
500 ml$0.35

For the Thirst Quenchers 

If you’re the kind who loves to guzzle down water, then you’re going to need something bigger. Here are the larger options: 

1 litre$0.60
2 litres$1.10

For the In-Betweeners 

Want something in between? Not too big, not too small? You’re in luck because Bisleri has just the right sizes for you: 

750 ml$0.50

With this list in hand, finding the perfect Bisleri water bottle for your budget and needs should be a breeze. So, what are you waiting for? Quench your thirst with Bisleri!

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